July 30, 2015

Updates In Visual Studio 2015

In the month of July, 2015... a major release annoucement being made for VS 2015 and .Net Framework 4.6. This post is intent to share with you the great updates which are available in this version.

1. ASP.NET Tooling Improvements:
    a. JSON Editor
    b. HTML Editor Updates
    c. JavaScript Editor Improvements
    d. ReactJS Editor Support
    e. Support for JavaScript package managers like Grunt, Gulp and Task Runners

2. ASP.NET 4.6 Runtime Improvements
    a. HTTP/2 Support
    b. Support for the .Net Compiler Platform
    c. Async Model Binding For Web Forms

3. ASP.NET 5

4. Entity Framework
    a. Entity Framework 6.x
    b. Entity Framework 7

This the summary of updates came in this release. In order to read these updates in detail please visit the blog of Scott Guthrie:

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