August 27, 2014

6 Key Points Helps You Better Start First Day At Work!

First day at work is like your first day in school. Sometimes people get nervous on 1st day relate to office environment and meet with different culture peoples. I'd like to share few points which helps you to make a better start.

1. Punctual: Make provisions to complete the task before hand; punctuality speaks volume. Being an early comer and an on-time departer adds to the impression, it shows your commitment towards work.

2. Proper Dress: Physical appearance will matter in order to communicate with others in office. When you are in college or university, you could simply wake up and grab unwashed jeans and it could still 'look' appropriate. But when you are work in office then that is not appropriate.

3. Silent the Phone: Activate the silent mode of your phone. Your phone messages can wait, if there is something urgent then you will receive a call. Continuously reply messages is a sign of restlessness and is considered rude when you are in meeting with your colleagues.

4. Be Positive: Be grateful, not just in your verbal interactions but also thank everybody who helped you out. Its not necessary to keep a smile plastered to you face, but be interactive. Do not say you ‘cannot do’ something because you haven’t even taken up a project yet.

5. Listen & Observe: Always be patience and to wait, watch, absorb and then respond. Put off being ‘Mr-Know-It-All’ and control the urge to voice your opinion unless asked for, especially if you do not have any knowledge and there are two seniors deep in a conversation.

6. Ask questions: The biggest mistake one can do is to silently and dumbly follow without knowing why! If you have any queries, make a list and find a person who would be suitable to address them. Do not hold back and hesitate because if you do not understand the concept, you will be absolutely blank while executing in the future.

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