May 30, 2014

New Application Installation Issues - Part 3

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Access to the path "C:\inetpub\TestSite\UploadFile\..." is denied

When you are going to upload the excel file or any other file to Server directory using the application module, sometimes you might be face the permission issue on that particular folder. Error is something like this:

"Access to the path "C:\intepub\TestSite\UploadFile\..." is denied."

To resolve the issue you have to create an object "IIS_IUSRS" and allow it the full control over that particular folder. Follow these steps to fix the issue.

1. Open the IIS Manager
2. Go to the Server directory
3. Go to the Sites directory
4. Go to the website directory
5. Right-click on folder “UploadFile”
6. Select “Edit Permissions…”
7. Select the “Security” tab
8. Then click on “Edit…” button
9. Click on “Add…” button
10. Add the “IIS_IUSRS” object name with Server name like (TestServer\IIS_IUSRS) in “Enter Object Name..” textbox
11. Then Click “OK”
12. Give the “IIS_IUSRS” object “Full Control”
13. Then click on “Apply” button
14. Finally click on “OK” button

After follow these steps, issue will be resolved. But if you uploading the Excel file on server from website and server donot contains the MS Office or require provider, then particular module will stop working. In this case it is also not showing any error and this is real pain for any developer. 

The next part of series contains the steps to fix that issue. Stay tuned.

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