January 14, 2014

Custom CMS Applications in Asp.net Web Forms / MVC

Rion Williams shared his ideas on Asp.Net forum related to Custom CMS Application in Asp.Net as:

I can't recommend the Orchard CMS enough. It has a tremendous community, an expansive set of modules that cover nearly everything that you can think of and it built completely using .NET, MVC and the Razor View Engine and contains modules for just about everything : 

Common modules include : 

If you come from a .NET background, I highly suggesting giving it a look (even if it isn't for this project). But, as far as Web Forms specific, you'll likely need to look at one of the following choices :

Consider trying out each of the above suggestions to see which ones that you prefer and suits your needs the best as with most things there is never a single "perfect" solution.

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