January 8, 2014

18 Useful Life Hacks For Your Health

Apmayy wrote the important points that are useful life hacks for your life. In this post, I'm sharing few useful points which helps anybody to stay sharp and active in their routine life.

  1. 30 minutes of exercise can make you 10% smarter.
  2. Drinking half a glass of water before bed and half a glass when waking up can serve as a psychological cue to remember all your dreams.
  3. Don't wet your toothbrush after you put toothpaste. Water will reduce the healthy benefits of toothpaste.
  4. Lemon juice with a pinch of salt (warm) every morning lowers the cholesterol levels and brings down your weight.
  5. Fifteen straights minutes of laughter has the same health benefits as 30 mins of sit ups.
  6. Health benefits of Green Tea: (a). Reduce cavity risks. (b). Strengthen bones. (c). Weight loss. (d). Reduces cancer risk.
  7. Exhale an alternate feet while running to avoids cramp. This prevents adding extra stress to one side of your body.
  8. Eating salmon (a specie of fish) can help your hair grow faster.
  9. Drinking black tea can help prevent lung damage cause by smoking.
  10. If you trying to get rid of smoking in a room, spin a wet towel around.
  11. Cauliflower dipped in BBQ sauces tastes almost the same as chicken nuggets and it is infinitely healthier.
  12. Chewing the same flavour of gum when taking a test as you did when study will improve your memory.
  13. You are 47% more likely to live an extra decade if you eat home-cooked meals five times a week.
  14. Whenever you get burned, apply the toothpaste it soothes the pain and stops the burning.
  15. Lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight.
  16. Smiling naturally lifts the muscles in the face and slow the down the rate at we age.
  17. Your phone emits a radiations that's 1000 times stronger when battery is low. Avoid answering it when this is the case.
  18. If you drink more water during day, your body has less effort to do at night. It means you have less sleep if you're well hydrated.

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