November 18, 2013

Future of Asp.Net Web Forms and MVC

On internet you can find plenty of articles and blog posts which are discuss briefly about the future of Asp.Net web forms and MVC, some of them are written by those persons who haven't like the at all. 

Let me give you some thoughts: Few year back, Silverlight was the hot topic everywhere. Even the newbie developer tried to learn silverlight in such a way that Silverlight would be the best replacement of Adobe Flash based websites. Then what HAPPENED to SILVERLIGHT?? Totally collapse in front of Flash but still in use but not as that worth when it was first introduced. Now Microsoft introduced the new scripting library named as "Typescript". Would it be same as Silverlight or not it is a separate discussion. 

Here I want to discuss some good aspects and future of Asp.Net web forms and MVC architecture.

In development, as compared with Web Forms the MVC is most popular choice by developers. The main reason of this popularity is to have an easy integration and accessibility of new and advance features of new client side libraries, Twitter Bootstrap for styling purpose etc and features which are present in HTML5. 

MVC is not just like Silverlight thing, it is different from it and Microsoft advancing it with many new features, easy to use advanced third party API's into as they are even much harder to integrate in Web Forms if you want to be.

In my thoughts, using MVC rather than web forms make developers life easier in order to maintain each and every entity, as the technology is advancing the features everyday, they are getting better and better in every release and expert's blog posts or articles would help you to adapt those new changes in fast pace. 

In term of testing the application, the MVC support easy testing compatibility because here we have the three separate layers (Model, View & Controller) as compared to Web forms in which testing is more complex because here too difficult to isolate the specific functionality.

This is a great time to learn new technologies, practising them and try to find out those points that help you to increase the scalability and performance of your application.

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