November 1, 2013

25 Different Ways to Say ‘Good Job’ in English

When learning English you don’t want to get stuck saying the same words over and over again. These are positive statements in English that you could say to anyone; at work, at school or.... ANYWHERE, Here is 25 alternatives to ‘Good Job’

1. Excellent 
2. Nice 
3. Exemplary 
4. Marvelous 
5. Outstanding 
6. Perfect 
7. Well done 
8. Impressive 
9. Good work 
10. Fantastic 
11. Great 
12. You did it! 
13. Way to go! 
14. I have never seen anyone get it done that quickly 
15. I knew you could do it! 
16. I love the way you work
17. It looks like a lot of work went into this 
18. I’m so proud of you 
19. Much better 
20. You make it look so easy 
21. Much improved 
22. How come I never knew you could know so well? 
23. You did better than I could have done it 
24. You really went to town 
25. Awesome 

Next time you find yourself about to tell someone they did a ‘good job;’ stop and use one of these words English phrases instead.