August 1, 2013

Ten Commandments of Good Listening

Listening is a process involving the reception and interpretation of messages spoken by others. A common misconception about listening is that it is easy. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies have shown that good listeners show increases in their physical activity when they are listening to others. Since the effectiveness of communications depends so heavily on good listening, it is important to develop our listening skills.

The Ten Commandments of Good Listening:

  1. Stop talking .. You cannot listen while talking
  2. Give the speaker the chance to speak
  3. Listen to perceive .. Not to object
  4. Do not interrupt the speaker
  5. Put yourself in the speaker's boots.. This will help you assess the   situation
  6. Be patient .. Give the speaker enough time
  7. Keep calm .. Angry people will look for mistakes
  8. Don't argue .. Be open and accept criticism
  9. Ask questions .. This shows interest and provides clarification
  10. Avoid prejudice.

These all are really place a great impact on your personality!. Stay tune:)

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