August 3, 2013

Blood Group Categories and How Give & Take Blood

Blood is very important object in your body. Human body without blood can't survive. Many peoples are searching on internet about their blood group matches like from which blood group you can take blood and donate to whom blood group person. Here I'm going to show the table in which you can easily understand the overall flow.

TypeYou Can Give Blood To You Can Receive Blood From
A+ A+ AB+ A+ A- O+ O-
O+ O+ A+ B+ AB+ O+ O-
B+ B+ AB+ B+ B- O+ O-
A- A+ A- AB+ AB- A- O-
B- B+ B- AB+ AB- B- O-
AB- AB+ AB- AB- A- B- O-

This will help you a lot to remind when you are in hurry to know about it. Just com here and you see your solution. Stay tune :)

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