June 20, 2013

ECO - Underground Bicycle Parking

In Japan, Bicycle is an easy-to-ride transportation. It is getting a lot of attention as a no emission vehicle. Despite the fact, many things are still left unsolved in Japan. Bicycle roads are not popular, yet land values are too high to develop appropriate capacity to park bicycle. That is why "Nuisance Parking" is found anywhere at footpath in urban area. Those parked bicycles would spoil surrounding sight and bother ambulance access and fire-fighting operations. It is considered to be a social problem.

Eco-cycle is an "Anti-Seismic Mechanical Underground Parking Lot". "Giken" aggregated own long term experience of press-in technologies and developed the Eco-cycle with the design concept of “Culture Aboveground, Function Underground”. If bicycle parking is available near final destination, people use the facility more often. It eventually eliminates nuisance parking at footpath. Such space at footpath can be utilised for cultural activities.

How It Works

  • IC tag fixed on front frame of bicycle is read automatically by the sensor in front of the Entrance Door, and then the Front Wheel Shutter opens automatically. Then, the front wheel should be placed into the open space.
  • After the front wheel is fixed by the Clamp, step away from the mat and then press “the Loading Button”.
  • The Entrance Door opens automatically and then the bicycle is conveyed into the Eco-cycle. The door closes automatically. It is the end of loading operation.
  • Transporting Tray brings the bicycle down with revolving action to a vacant pallet.
  • The Transporting Tray slides to place the bicycle at the vacant pallet. It is the end of loading bicycle.

Construction and Specifications

Earthquake-proof wall composed of pressed-in piles which form cylindrical wall
  • The Eco-cycle is completed by using prefabricated materials
  • Max bicycle weight 30kg (66 lbs)
  • Parking capacity: 204
  • Retrieval speed: 13 seconds
  • Depth: 11.65 meters (38.22 ft)
  • Diameter: 8.55 meters (28 ft)

Pressing-in piles to form cylindrical wall by using a dedicated designed "Silent Piller".
  • Excavation inside the shaft to create the underground space
  • Installation of Mechanical parking system inside the shaft
  • Installation of the prefabricated entrance booth
With the help of that architecture, it solve the bicycle problem in Japan, same technique might be possible in order to park Car and other vehicles.

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