November 8, 2012

Create a New Android Project

After you’ve created an AVD, the next step is to start a new Android project in Eclipse.
  • From Eclipse, select Select File -> New -> Other…

  • Click on Android Project and click Next.
  • Fill in the project details with the following values:
    1. Project name: HelloAndroid
    2. Application name: Hello, Android
    3. Package name: com.test.helloandroid (or your own private namespace)
  • Create Activity: HelloAndroid
  • Min SDK version : 8 (as per API level)
  • Click Finish.
  • Run the Application
    The Eclipse  plug-in makes it easy to run your applications:
    1. Select Run > Run.
    Or Right click on project from project explorer and go
    Run as ->Android Application
    Yeah, you will see a black screen at your AVD with Your application name and a “Hello …..” text.
    Enjoy android.


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    1. Thanks Jawwad. Keep in touch with my blog. Later I'll add life cycle of android.