September 20, 2012

File Types

Here is a list of file extensions which are configured by default to be handled by ASP.NET 2.0.
  • asax used for application level logic (global.asax)
  • ascx used for creating a web user control.
  • ashx used to create a custom httphandler
  • asmx used to create web services
  • aspx used for web application pages
  • axd is used for a special webresource axd handler which allows the developer to package components and controls along with javascript, images etc.. in a single assembly. The extension is also used for trace output.
  • browser are the browser capabilities files stored in XML format. These files are used to define the capabilities of the browser.
  • config used to store the configuration of the web application. web.config and machine.config are the common examples
  • cs used as the code behind when the language chosen is C# (CSharp)
  • vb used as the code behind when the language chosen is Visual Basic.Net
  • master used as the extension for the master page.
  • resx used as an extension for the resource file of the page for internationalization and localization purpose.
  • sitemap is used as the configuration file for a sitemap
  • skin used as the skin file for themes
  • svc used to define a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) based service

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