August 16, 2012

Accordion Control error in Wizard control

In Ajax Toolkit, Accordion control is very fancy and commonly use in different areas. Easy to implement control, sometimes generate error for some users.
Many users on different forums asked that they unable to view Accordion panel in design view of Visual Studio IDE and instead of panel they saw that below mention sentence.
Error Creating Control - Accordion1
Type "AjaxControlToolKit.Accodion" doesnot have a public property named "AccordionExtender"
This error doesn't effect that panel on page in live environment only causes error on design view. You can view your panel in design by applying syntax like that:

    <asp:Wizard ID="Wizard1" runat="server" Height="286px" Width="700px" ActiveStepIndex="0"
        DisplaySideBar="False" DisplayCancelButton="True" OnFinishButtonClick="Wizard1_FinishButtonClick">
            <asp:WizardStep ID="Recipients" runat="server" Title="Recipients" StepType="Start">
                <asp:UpdatePanel ID="upOrderBy" runat="server">
                        <asp:Accordion ID="Accordion1" runat="server" CssClass="accordion" HeaderCssClass="accordionHeader"
                            HeaderSelectedCssClass="accordionHeaderSelected" ContentCssClass="accordionContent">
                                    <asp:AccordionPane ID="AccordionPane1" runat="server">
                                            Add Groups</Header>
                                            this is add group content area
                                    <asp:AccordionPane ID="AccordionPane2" runat="server">
                                            Add more Contacts</Header>
                                            this is add contact content area
            <asp:WizardStep ID="MessageText" runat="server" Title="Message Text">